Looking to Sell Your Home in Neillsville or Eau Claire, WI?

Looking to Sell Your Home in Neillsville or Eau Claire, WI?

Make the process smoother with pre-sale radon testing

While radon testing isn't a requirement for homeowners looking to sell, potential buyers might request a test before they close. Take advantage of pre-sale radon testing to avoid delays. New Horizons Radon Testing & Mitigation LLC is a radon testing company based in Neillsville, WI serving the surrounding areas as far as Eau Claire, WI. Our technician can determine the level of radon in your interior.

Exposure to high levels of radon gas increases the risk of lung cancer, so you'll want to act if the levels in your house are elevated. We can recommend effective mitigation solutions that will keep radon levels low.

Schedule your pre-sale radon testing in Neillsville or Eau Claire, Wisconsin today.

How the testing process works

Radon testing is a simple and non-invasive process. When you schedule a test, our technician will:

1.Place testing equipment in your house
2.Leave it to collect data for 48 hours
3.Return and download the results
4.Inspect your home for issues if radon levels are too high

Once your radon levels have been reduced, you can share the results and assure potential buyers.

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